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9292 Mobility Advice


Are you looking for the fastest travelling time for your employees’ commute? 9292 can calculate travel advice for your entire workforce, providing you with a quick overview of travel and personel costs.

Are you also wondering

  • What the shortest travelling times from home to work for your employees are? •
  • What this will cost you in travel allowance? 
  • Who could easily travel using public transport and how much parking space you need?

These are just a few of the questions that you might be wondering about. Answering them could constitute a great deal of investigation for you or one of your employees.

Do you find this to be complicated?

We don’t! We have answered these dilemmas for many of our customers, and we can do the same for you.


When you have been involved with the processing of public transport data since 1992, there comes a point when you can justifiably call yourself a specialist in travel information. You can leave it to us to provide mobility advice. More so: we developed the 9292 Mobility Advice ourselves. We know exactly what you need and will gladly assist you with all your questions.


The 9292 Mobility Advice assists you in making mobility choices. You will receive all the important travel information for all of your employees.

On the basis of the departure and arrival postal codes (optionally, including house numbers), combined with the desired time of travelling and a data, we can easily determine the travel times and costs for all your employees. This provides you with a clear overview of the total travel costs and assists you in making the right choices regarding travel allowances. In short, the 9292 Mobility Advice provides an overview and clarity.


Would you like to know more about 9292 Mobility Advice? Please contact our Servicedesk. We will gladly discuss your specific situation and assist you where possible. We are reachable via email at or by telephone on +31 88 – 0760620.