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Monday 10 February 2020 09:00

Keukenhof Holland 2020

Travel to the Keukenhof by public transport

Plan your trip to visit the springtime! You can visit the Keukenhof between March 21 and May 10 2020. Buy your ticket for the bus and entrance to the Keukenhof now. There are several options.

Wednesday 5 February 2020 09:38

Can’t wait to see our new app?

New 9292 app is readyfor use

Our new 9292 app is ready to be used by all travellers using public transport. We have now finished the beta testing and have started releasing the app in phases. You could well be one of the first...

Wednesday 29 January 2020 08:45

Faster personal travel advice with new app

‘My 9292’ only available through our website

Did you notice and discover it yet? Our new app is almost live! With our new app also come a few changes. If you happen to be used to plan your journeys beforehand at ‘My 9292’, then pl...

Monday 20 January 2020 16:00

Holland Travel Ticket

Unlimited travel throughout the Netherlands

Are you coming to Holland and would you like to explore multiple destinations? The Holland Travel Ticket comes highly recommended. It grants unlimited access to all public transport, including trai...

Monday 20 January 2020 12:26

Did you forget to check out?

Reclaim your money via 9292 travel advice

Travelling with the public transport chip card is easy. Still, mistakes happen, and maybe you accidentally pay too much. Or maybe the wrong price was charged from your card. In these cases, you can...

Monday 20 January 2020 11:54

Discover the Netherlands

From the airport

Whether you are flying to the Netherlands for holiday or business, there are many ways to continue your travels from the airport.